What everyone should know about extensions…

Not all extensions are created equal! Hair Extensions are used for many different things. They can be used to thicken your hair, if you have fine thin hair. They can add length, help you cover a bald spot, or even hide a cowlick … with extensions the impossible is now possible!

When calling to ask about extensions a few things you need to know:
#1 The person you are calling has no idea what your hair looks like, therefore it is almost impossible to quote you a price over the phone – if they do, beware!
#2 Not all extensions, or stylist are created equal. There are so many different brand and different ways to apply them, what one stylist does another one might not. At the Purple Cape Salon I  do 7 different kinds, I like to match up the best kind of extensions to best fit your hair and budget. So when we ask you to come in to see us, its not for a sales pitch, we really want to get you the best product and look for you.
#3 You can’t expect a good hairstylist to get you in for extensions today!! its impossible for 1 they won’t have quality hair for you. You are most likely getting scraps or stuff so cheap that it won’t last you and won’t be worth your time. It at least takes a couple of days to get the hair need for your needs.  And 2 a good stylist is busy. She has a full book, And will work hard to get you in as soon as possible.
#4 Remember that it is an investment – sometimes a rather large investment for good extensions. Just like a good pair of shoes. But you get to wear it everyday, and you want to have your extensions look as good as possible for the money you are about to spend.
So choose wisely and don’t just call for a price quote. Call make an appointment and check out the salon, stylist & photos. It makes a difference.  Don’t just settle for cheap, look for the best. You will be glad you did.
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