What’s Your Salon Style? Beautiful Big Salon Versus Intimate Personal Attention

With so many beautiful big salons to choose from in Carlsbad and Oceanside, how do you choose where to go for your hair style updates?

I designed The Purple Cape Salon to be the experience I like in a hair salon, small, intimate and time for lots of personal attention.

By taking time to get to know each client, their style, their personality, their lifestyle, their interests all contribute to how I style their hair.  That’s difficult to do a big salon where they are sometimes more focused on turning clients out quickly to cover the overhead … believe me, I’ve worked in those too!

If I know a client is getting married in six months, I take that into account in how I style her hair today, and start gradually working our way towards her Wedding Day style, not try to force everything to happen the day before her big day! If someone is pregnant they may want to start working their way towards an easier to manage style before baby arrives so they don’t have to do drastic things to their hair when the little munchkin is here!

Those kind of insights and intimate relationships are difficult to achieve in a big salon. Not that the stylist doesn’t want to, they simply don’t have the time.

At the Purple Cape Hair Salon, we make the time to get to know every client – it has been the key to my success.

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